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The more successful the global energy transition gets, the more bashing by the old-skool energy utilities. Or, as I like to call them, the fossils. In every sense of the word.

The so-called Magritte Group (named after the surrealist painter) at a visit to the European Parliament on 22 November proved to still be fossils. And… after they were done bashing renewables and energy efficiency in public, they even had some cozy private time with EU Energy Union Vice-President Sefcovic and Commissioner Canete.

Don’t they look like another old boys club?

Should the European Commission’s strategic priority of a ‘resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy’ really lend an ear to fossils rather than to energy efficiency and renewables? At least that is the impression one gets when assessing the draft Energy Union Package (scheduled for 30 November 2016).

Blaming renewables…

Blaming energy efficiency…

…Anything but blaming their own management failures

Europe’s energy giants fail to adapt to changing market conditions

EU energy utilities risk demise by ignoring renewables revolution

Dear European Commission, don’t listen to fossils. Be much more serious about your climate commitments – not the outdated ones from October 2014, but your new commitments adopted in Paris on 12 December 2015. For the security and well-being of current and future generations, you can and should do better!


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